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What's Budding?
High Energy Zone

We offer several “Make-and-Take” opportunities each season, claiming the design room or warehouse for a couple of hours of magic. We carefully shift the tropical plants, holiday trees or props of the season to clear the floor for extra workspace. The requests come from garden clubs, service clubs, card clubs, scout troops or church groups. A chance to learn, create, and socialize is in store.
A short tour of our rather unique building is followed by smiles and laughter as small groups of creative explorers gather around laden tables to create their own floral arrangements, fairy gardens, holiday wreaths or terrariums. Dave typically has created a sample in advance and prepared the materials needed, and then we take the participants through the steps as they learn how to cut and arrange flower stems, mound soil and plant, wire in berries and bows, or whatever pertains to their craft of the evening.
There are always choices in colors of bows, plants and ornaments, but even when two people start with exactly the same materials and stand side by side, watching carefully and applying their new skills, the two creations will not be the same. Individual style and preference will result in distinctly different results. Seeing things evolve and hearing the encouragement or friendly teasing between pals or family members lifts our energy even if the day has been a long one.
We always have some cookies and perhaps some veggies on hand in an adjoining room to nibble, along with lemonade or cider, and we create a little space where those who grow weary of standing can take some rest with their nourishment.
So often we hear from our guests weeks or months later with reports on how their project has been displayed, who they created a special gift for, or how long that holiday wreath held its needles. Keep it green!



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