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What Autumn Brings
What should happen in your garden each autumn? Autumn is a good time to prune shrubs for size, remove any remaining weeds, and cut back spent perennial foliage. Large leafed plants like Hosta will be slime by mid-winter, and any herbaceous perennial that does not carry seeds that feed birds over winter can be cut to the ground now to allow easy preparation next spring.
Any permanent plants that were new this year should be mulched deeply to protect roots from frost heave. This a great time to remove any overgrown shrubs that you have been meaning to replace, and new shrubs and trees can be planted up until the ground freezes, as long as they get that mulch and are watered properly until the hard freeze comes.
As leaves come down from the trees, rake or blow them from your lawn and beds, to prevent them smothering grass and delicate new growth in the spring. If you do not have mulch, you might consider chopping the leaves with a mower and then using them for winter protection in perennial beds, knowing you will need to remove this covering before the spring growth begins.
Expect to remove leaves two or three times, as tree species give up their leaves at different times. Maple and oak leaves can be most challenging, as they mat easily and can really form a dense covering on the lawn and landscape if not attended to promptly.
You may notice that some oaks and beech trees retain their leaves until spring, when new growth releases the leaves from the previous year. If you have maple, oak or walnut trees, pick up and remove as many seeds and nuts as you can, to minimize new trees planted by hungry squirrels that store for the winter, but never find all their hidden stash.
Enjoy your time outdoors in the crisp air. If you need advice on a project or help with your fall clean up, we are here to help.


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