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Water and Drainage
Water is essential for plants. Often new garden and landscape plans include irrigation systems to ensure that water will be available when needed. We plan for exterior faucets and may even incorporate water features  such as pools or streams into the landscape for our enjoyment or to encourage wildlife. The other piece of that  puzzle is drainage. We know that water should run away from our home’s foundation rather than toward it, to reduce the chance of a wet basement or structural damage
     It is also important to know that you cannot direct water onto your neighbor’s property in your quest to drain your own. Often drainage situations change around you, as additional homes are built in a neighborhood, roads are paved or wetland areas are reduced or restored.  In periods of heavy rain, low spots may become ponds of water; gentle streams may become dangerous torrents. Before planning a project on a property that is new to you, try to access information about historical flooding, if that was not researched before you purchased. Sometimes  neighbors can  most effectively work together to add drainage to serve several properties and take water away to a nearby stream or drainage ditch. A reputable contractor will always discuss applicable laws and permits  and make clear what permits will be required for work they are recommending. Don’t let spring be a recurring frustration , get expert advice and solve the  drainage problems for years to come. 


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