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Tropical Trees
               Sometimes you want an indoor plant that is large and stately. Sometimes a space has soaring high ceilings and a small plant just won’t do it. A tree may be just the ticket.
               There are only a few plant families that might make the grade.  These are plants that can live indoors in Michigan and grow dramatically large.
Ficus benjamina or its varietals such as Wintergreen or Moclame are called fig trees.  The traditional tropical tree. Available commonly at 6’ to 20’ in height, a standard trunk is topped by a full head of oval or oblong green leaves. Jacqueline is a variegated variety usually only available up to 7’. Ficus prefer high light.
Pleomele reflexa standard is a tree like woody plant with interesting heavy trunks and small leaves radiating directly from the stems. Usually available from 5’ to 12’ in height. Tolerant of medium light. A nice option for a modern decor setting or a narrow space.
Adonidia Palm is a true palm with a single, double or triple clear trunk, topped by a wide head of fronds. Usually quite wide at the top, they can come in heights up to 20’ or larger. Bright natural light is a must.
Natal mahogany is just as it sounds a mahogany tree. Usually available in 6’8- heights. This is a tree that tolerates relatively low natural light. Glossy green foliage is quite attractive. Fast growing, this tree requires copious amounts of water.
Bucida bucaris or Black Olive is a small leaved tree, woody stems with branches arranged in layers and leaves in whorls. Natural light in abundance is needed, and this is a tree that requires lots of hydration.


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