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The Sun is Shining
The sun is shining, but the days are cooler, and the dawn comes a little later each day. There is a lot to do, as children go back to school, and business and volunteer organizations gear up for a busy fall schedule. Now is the time to plan for beauty next spring, even as you think about putting your garden to bed for the season in a few weeks.
Where would you like to see some color in March? Is there a sunny patch of lawn near a window, where bright Crocus could bring cheer through the snow? They will bloom brightly and then fade away, long before it is time to mow.
Would adding red tulips and blue grape hyacinths to the middle of a border give you a delightful view in April, before perennials have their leaves?
The yellows, whites and salmons of daffodils bring so much joy in the spring, and have the benefit of resilience, as deer pass them by, due to the toxic compounds in both leaves and flowers. They also naturalize freely, multiplying below the soil surface to form larger clumps each year.
Hyacinths are so fragrant, and like daffodils, deer avoid them. Place them near a walkway or under a window, so you can enjoy the lovely odor of the arrival of spring!
These are the major bulb families we commonly use, but there are many more species, some blooming in spring, some in summer, and even a few that bloom in fall. Speak to Alexa or Kathy about what species and colors will work for your garden. Even among the tulips and daffodils, combining varieties can create a season of bloom that lasts for many weeks.


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