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The Rock Garden

Rock gardens, also known as alpine gardens, originate from high altitude regions. These regions usually have cold dry winters, high light levels, and good drainage. Gathering together plants with similar requirements and designing a rock garden takes time and effort.
If starting from scratch, look for a site that will naturally fit into the overall landscape. For example, a slope with a backdrop of shrubs and evergreens, or berms make a good site to work with. Rock gardens can be done on a large to small scale. When creating your garden, play with textures and scale of the plants and rocks to maximize the visual interest. Combine mounding plants and ground covers with various size shrubs and conifers to provide vertical appeal. Boulders and dry creek beds create natural texture and drama.
Select drought-tolerant and low maintenance plants in a mix of conifers, shrubs, and perennials. Classic plants in a rock garden can include Sedum, Salvia, Yarrow, Thyme, dwarf conifers, creeping Junipers, Yucca, and grasses. Blend one drift of plants into another, and plant so they spill over and in-between the rocks. Experiment with wildflowers in complementary hues and foliage.
If you find yourself in Vail, Colorado, The Betty Ford Alpine Gardens are the world’s highest elevation botanical gardens. These internationally-acclaimed gardens have a unique collection of alpine and mountain plants from around the world.



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