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The Mighty Landscape Crew
               Al Marrero and his band of merry men are the people you will most often see when you call us for help with your existing garden. Al has an advanced degree in Forestry and decades of experience planting and caring for Landscapes in several states and at least three countries. Now a proud U.S. citizen, Al leads a crew of experienced landscapers and trainees . Many have decades of experience as well, though some are new to landscaping but degreed and experienced in other fields, learning new skills and working hard as they attend school or work multiple jobs to meet their families’ needs. 
               Our goal is always efficiency, quality and safety. Tailgate talks help share new information or reinforce safe practices and proper techniques. We stress proper plant care from the nursery through soil preparation, planting, watering-in and mulching. Ongoing monitoring and irrigation are key, especially the first year after planting. Thank you to our wonderful guys! Know a hard –working person who speaks English or Spanish and loves working with plants? We would love to meet them!


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