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Stylish and Decorative
How do we keep interior plants healthy and growing, while styling them to fit with the surrounding décor? Often the selection of decorative container is key. Most tropical plants are grown in thin plastic pots with drain holes. A plastic saucer or a pie tin keeps the carpet dry, but that looks unfinished at best. Often the best solution is a cache pot or jardiniere. The plant continues to grow in its original pot, but a decorative container that suits the décor is added. Most low light plants do best in their original soil mass for 3-5 years. Size the decorative planter just large enough to hide the grow pot and hold the water that may drain through. High light or fast growing trees like Ficus or Schefflera may need a larger soil mass in 2-3 years, so consider a decorative container 2-3” larger in diameter than the current grow pot if your tree is 10” 17” in diameter. Trouble finding fun colors or the larger sizes? We can source fiberglass in over 40 colors and dozens of shapes, from 7” to over 30” diameters. We have several lines of plastics, metals, ceramics, terra cottas and even wood and bamboo. Unsure of the best choices for your home or office? Carol or Kathy would love to show you options and quote for your specific needs.



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