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Spring Outdoor Color
The combination of warm weather, birds returning, skunks roaming, and finally seeing a little bit of the sun, has us all thinking spring! Soon, garden centers will be filling up with those delightful, early blooming flowers, tempting you to bring them home. Don’t give in to the temptation! Those colorful blossoms at the big box stores have been growing in warm greenhouses, and putting them into the cold ground can cause quite a shock. Locally grown plants, planted at the right time, have a much higher chance of thriving.
Pansies are great early spring flowers. They are naturally cold-hardy and can be safely planted in early to mid-April depending on the weather. I have seen them handle temperatures in the mid-teens. Pansy breeding has come a long way over the last several years. They now come in brilliant colors, have interesting “faces” and a variety of sizes.
Good soil conditions are important at planting time. Annuals will last longer, grow bigger, and establish themselves quicker. We always add compost, worked into the existing soil in both planting beds and containers.  When planting a container, lay out the plants in the container to make sure the plants have room to grow, but the pots still look full and colorful, leave a one-inch gap between the plants ant the rim for watering. Carefully remove the plants from the grow pots, and plant into the container, making sure not to bury the stem. After all the annuals are in, thoroughly water them to remove any air pockets that can dry out the roots. After watering, make sure the soil is level, adding additional soil where needed.  Now is also a good time to add a slow-release fertilizer.
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