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Our Recycling, Composting, Re-Use, Pot House Program
Recycling…..everybody did it with everything throughout human history..…until we invented plastics and suddenly not everything decomposed quickly when returned to the earth. Since we make our living at The Plant Professionals largely with plants and soils, composting is a natural for us. We also recycle paper, glass, metals, plastics, batteries, Styrofoam, ink cartridges, cardboard and boxboard. Rigid foam we use as plant staging, and we have a grow pot exchange, allowing us to share used grow pots with our customers .Michigan State University has a wonderful plastics recycling program, so grow pots, cell packs and flats that don’t find homes for reuse get recycled as well. We turn the tropical plants that decline and get removed from our client accounts into lovely rich compost, which then gets used as planting soil for new planting in exterior gardens.


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