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Gardening With Native Plants
Gardening with native plants is a growing trend with many positive benefits. A number of nurseries now offer native plants with some producers that specialize in only seeds and plants that are grown and originate in Michigan. A native plant species is one that occurs naturally in a particular region, ecosystem and/or habitat and was present prior to European settlement.Benefits to planting native species include:
  • Providing nectar for pollinators;
  • Providing protective shelters for many mammals and insects;
  • offering nuts, seeds and fruit essential to wildlife;
  • Serving as an important genetic source for future food crops and other plant derived products;
  • Helping slow  the spread of wildfire by staying greener longer
  • Producing root systems to hold soil in place
  • Protecting water quality by controlling soil erosion and moderating floods and droughts.
Though many exotic plants can be adapted to local climates, they may not be as valuable in supporting beneficial insects. For example, while hybridized double flowers may look very beautiful, they provide little nectar to butterflies and bees. Native plants produce four times as much insect biomass compared to non-native plants.
As native plant landscaping increases is popularity, it is becoming easier to find the right native plants for your garden. Click the link below to learn more about native plants and natural landscaping.


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