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Desktop Favorites
Pothos, or   Epipremnum aureum  in shades of Jade, Neon, Marble Queen or Golden are great air cleaners that adapt to low, medium or even high light levels. Pinch the shoots when they begin to trail along the desktop to keep them compact and full at the center. These workhorses can be found in any floral shop or garden center.
Sanseviera trifasciata in varieties like “Black Coral “or “ Laurentii” is also known as snake plant. Upright, durable and tolerant of almost any light, these are low water requiring as well. A shorter variety called “Hahnii” forms a rosette of foliage.
Aglaeonema is a variegated plant with several stems per pot, staying short and full in most conditions. Most common are shades of green and silver, but pink and red variegations are now available. Tolerant of relatively low light, stems are more elongated in low light conditions.
Succulents are popular for high light conditions. A south window ledge adjoining the desk would be the perfect spot. These interesting beauties come in shades of green and gray, even pink or purple. High light, good drainage and regular but infrequent watering make these plants happy.
Lucky bamboo, actually stems of a dracaena variety, have been popular in recent years. Bundled together or interwoven, they fit nicely in a confined space and offer cheer and air cleaning benefits alike. Use where medium light is available, and be sure not to let the water reservoir dry out.
Bromeliads offer a colorful bloom that lasts for months. Plan to use each purchase for 2-4 months before the bloom fades and eventually withers and turns brown. The bloom can be trimmed and the foliage enjoyed for years, or simply replace the old plant with a lovely new choice in a different color. Though the plants can rebloom, the process takes a long time and the rebloom will not be as showy as the original.
Orchids, particularly Phalaenopsis varieties, are great for medium or high light. A budded plant can put on a show for many weeks, and if one collects a few plants and becomes adept at their care, plants can be rotated to the desktop as they come into bloom.


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