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Cottage-style Gardens
The hallmark of a cottage garden is profusion of plants, and the idea of ease and abandonment, roses mingling with fruit and vegetables, informal layouts, curved paths, hidden areas, and a sense of mystery.
When creating a cottage garden, I begin by laying out the winding pathways that guide your eye and feet to a focal point, such as a colorful front door, or an arbor that transforms the garden into a romantic escape. Next, I plan where the small trees, flowering shrubs, and ornamental grasses should go. These provide the “bones” or structure to the garden, even in winter. Old- fashioned plants are ideal in cottage gardens, sweetly scented climbing roses provide a perfect backdrop. I like to use honeysuckle, lavender, hollyhocks, climbing roses, foxglove, columbine, peonies, ornamental grasses, cosmos, cleome, and daylilies.
For best success, start with high-quality soil, rich in humus, when planting. To make sure the garden looks natural, as if it maintains itself, allow plants to intermingle, but remove those that spread beyond their bounds. Self-seeding annuals weaving in and out of perennial plantings give the garden a cohesive appearance. If you enjoy garden accessories, weathered pitchforks and galvanized watering cans will give the garden the perfect vintage feeling.



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