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Competitive Focus
Systems and training have always fascinated me. Our core business, interior plantscaping, depends on carefully- developed systems of plant care, backed by detailed training of each person who works in that area of our business. We delve deeply into the how - to, and make a lot of resources available to the people who want to understand the why. Understanding why a plant is watered a certain way, why a species of insect must be treated on a certain schedule, or why we only fertilize in warm months in office lighting, builds a fuller understanding of how to keep plants healthy and attractive.
                The ideal plant care technician is energetic and efficient, likes both plants and people (and often enjoys pets as well). A person who appreciates the structure of systems, and uses the knowledge they attain to make good decisions when working in independent settings typically does well in this work. There is a lot of science that applies, and those who know a bit of botany, who understand photosynthesis and physics, can apply that knowledge, and yet a person who comes with nothing but enthusiasm and a drive to learn can be very successful in this work.
                We provide weeks of one-on -one training and each candidate interviews multiple times as we seek people who will thrive in the environment and grow with us. Though the work is routed, it is not routine, as living plants grow and change, and even plants indoors are affected by the seasons and weather. Heat, air conditioning, humidity and the positioning of window treatments all have an impact that we can anticipate and respond to. We love sharing our depth of knowledge and keeping your plants healthy and green!


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