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After the Storm….
Hurricanes can have a devastating effect on plants as well as people. The vast majority of tropical plants we use indoors are grown in two areas of Florida. The large plants and trees, and most of the materials grown in 10” pots and larger are produced on the east coast in a narrow strip of farms from Miami down to the top of the Keys. Small plants 2”-6” and some hanging baskets, are grown in the Apopka area, not far from Orlando.
The immense size of hurricane Irma and the breadth of her reach has meant damage and power outages across the state of Florida, with some damage in virtually every region. Some of the nursery farms we rely on lost entire structures and significant crops, while some experienced flooding. Salt water is very damaging to many plants. As we made contact with growers, shippers, brokers and other interiorscapers we were relieved to find our Florida friends have not lost family members or staff members, but most have had some economic impact. 
Some species of tropical plants were already in short supply. Shortages will be worse now, for at least 6-12 months. Prices will be pushed higher, and we will be using substitutions when specified plants are simply unavailable. We will keep you informed if your new project or ongoing plantscape care is affected.
Even the floral industry was briefly affected, as Miami is the air port of entry for most of the cut flowers shipped in daily from Central and South America. Fortunately those growers were not affected, and the airport has fully reopened.
Thank you for your patience as we work to source the very best plant materials as the supply chain rebuilds.



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