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Then and Now
I am an introvert. The upside is that I am perfectly content working alone. I can weed the garden or cut brush for hours without music or conversation. I can work into the night writing proposals or doing research, and am comfortable in an empty house or alone in the office or warehouse.
The downside is that I’ve had to mindfully adjust to working with more and more people over the years. Interior plant maintenance seemed a natural fit for me-the plants don’t speak and in the beginning, I worked alone for most of my days, save the occasional short conversation with a client. Often, a shy smile and a raised water bucket were all that I needed to be beckoned into an office to care for a plant.
As the business grew, and I took on more responsibility, I found that most people are pleasant, and that I enjoyed talking about plants. I realized that surrounding myself with talented, energetic and kind people allowed me to care for more plants. I also realized that, though some people thrive on a lot of interaction with other people, there are a lot of us (the shy, introverted or quiet ones) out in the world. Both social and quiet people work here. Plants and flowers are a common language.
Seeking out and hiring a nice blend of people who enjoy plants and serving people has allowed me to continue to have quiet moments, and yet spend significant time in collaboration and communication. The interiorscape service team, the landscape and installation team, and the floral and design team are all supported by the same office staff. In November, many of us “morph” into the holiday décor team, with over 20 people involved in that process. We work together to innovate, design, develop and improve processes, and execute service now and all through the year. It is still fun, it is still different and challenging every day, and I still love coming to work.
I will admit there are times that as I turn into the drive and see the rows of parked cars, I think “Who are all of these people?” and “What am I doing here?” but that quickly passes, as I remember that our common goals and comradery unite us.  Creating and nurturing beauty are rewarding tasks for both extroverts and introverts!


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