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Competitive Focus
If you are in business, you probably have competitors. Depending on your profession, market, and the size of your firm, there can be no competitors, a few, or many. Across the five primary niches and three markets we serve, competitors range from one to literally hundreds. Horticulture is an area where knowledge is key. Except for pesticide application, and some types of hardscape design and construction, no licensing or formal education is required. This means that quantities and quality of competitors come and go over the years, some lasting, and many fading away.
We are consistently focused on adding value for each client. Over the last 38 years, we have continued to elevate our technician training, quality of equipment, access to the best proven products and employee development. I believe well -trained people supported by a strong team can supply superior service in the field. I know that constant education and research are needed to offer the technologies, plant species, decorative containers, hardscape materials, holiday decor and methods that allow us to keep growing, and to always offer fresh and new ideas to our design savvy customer base.
Our memberships in state and national associations keep our finger on the pulse of changes in each industry, and we love helping shape the dialogue when appropriate. A lot is happening locally in horticulture, with changes in ownership of some local competitors, peers choosing retirement, or natural allies merging or business partners parting ways. The floral industry has been shrinking for several decades, as competition from large grocery/big box stores makes a stand -alone operation financially challenging.
If we have a secret, it is that we attract staff that love plants and flowers, and enjoy working with people. We chose a location that is close to centers of commerce, but not in an area with a high cost per square foot. We have always been intentional about leveraging each segment of the business, to maximize efficiency of our physical footprint and our staff capabilities. We are not yet at capacity in any of our offerings, and with the building addition this year, we will have capacity for significant additional growth in storage of client décor.
Always on the lookout for great people who know Horticulture is their passion, we covet your referrals. We hire the young learners, the mid-career performers and the semi-retired, who just want to do something they will enjoy. Though we train extensively, we always value speaking with more experienced people, largely because they already know they want to do this work, which is often physical, fast-paced and challenging.
 Our current staff have backgrounds in horticulture, forestry, business, education, accounting, food service, retail, and healthcare. The primary requirement is the love of learning, the ability to embrace a team approach, and a personal sense of responsibility.  This puts the customer and their satisfaction always in focus.


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